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Pls read the details below before you buy silica gel from us.

Pls note: we have more than 30 series of silica gel with over 200 specifications. Pls choose the product correctly. Besides, our price is influenced by the below factors:
Your ordered quantity , delivery time, etc.
particle size scope
   For example: 0.5-1.5mm, 2-5mm, 4-8mm, etc. Please note: the smaller the particle size scope is, the more production tech will be needed, so the price will be higher.
   Notice: Other particle scope can be produced according to customer’s requirements.
3) water content
   Such as: water content 0.5%, 1%, 2%, 3%
   In order to get silica gel with low water, we have to consume much more heat energy. Our usual water content is 5%. If you require our silica gel with lower water content, its price will be higher accordingly.
4) more detailed specifications of some products
   For example: color silica gel can subdivided into: 1. color silica gel  2. color silica gel with flavor scent  3. Color silica gel indicator
   Water-proof silica gel: FNG-A, FNG-B, FNG-C, FNG-AA, FNG-CC. Please choose the exact products that you need, because the properties of these products are slightly different.
special inner quality specifictions
   For example: absorption ability, PH value, specific resistance, pore volume, pore diameter, etc. Your requirements are higher; the price will be higher accordingly.
6) package
   The materials and patterns of our products’ package will affect the costs. We can provide the package like iron drum, cardboard drum, poly bag (with double plastic films, 20 kg or 500 kg), and our tolerant package is poly bag. if you have special requirements on package, please advise us your detailed materials and specifications, etc.
   If you can provide the above information when you choose our products, it’s easier for us to offer to you.
delivery terms
   Our usual price is on the basis of FOB Qingdao, because ocean freight changes frequently. But if customer needs, we also can offer CFR or CIF price.
Payment terms
   Irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight, or T/T.

How to stock silica gel after you buy them?

during the storage period before you use silica gel, you have to take notices on below points:
The silica gel cannot be piled together with other things which can volatilize odors. Because silica gel has strong absorption ability of all kinds of organic gases.
Silica gel cannot be put too moist environment, and it should not be piled directly on the ground or against the wall.
The storage periods of silica gel before it is used should not be long, and usually the period is one year.
When silica gel is moved, please pay attention not to damage the composite bag or the double liner plastic films which is used for moisture-proof.

If you want to buy our products, please contact us!
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